Saturday, April 13, 2013

What is the Solution to The Cult of Self?

The Solution

The solution to the cult of self which we have accepted and allowed ourselves to completely detach ourselves from reality with and further separate ourselves into our own bubbles of self-interest, is walking a process of bringing ourselves back to reality here through taking self-responsibility for what self has accepted and allowed within this world. We think/believe/perceive that our thoughts/feelings/emotions/beliefs which dictate the way in which we live and participate within this world do not affect others directly. This is one of the first points which needs to be addressed through removing this veil of delusion, because the fact of the matter is that we are all made up of the same matter, and that we all share the same matter as the earth and we all require the same matter as food to continue mattering (in the sense of staying alive). Every product we buy affects multiple lives. Where did the product come from? What are the processes that needed to take place for me to have the CHOICE through MONEY to obtain this product? Was anyone abused or exploited in the process of producing this product so that I could have my illusion of free choice fulfilled? These are the questions one needs to start asking oneself. Practical reality stuff! What process did I have to go through to obtain the money required to be able to have this product? Why can't everyone afford to obtain such nice fresh vegetables in order to nourish their bodies? We need to realize that we have lost our communal tendencies through creating this cult of self wherein we have placed the ideas of self-interest and OUR material happiness above the rest. We need to realize that in reality there is no separation, we only have the appearance of separation when we look at things with our eyes. However we misinterpreted the vision we see with our eyes as 'I am ME', 'I am an individual' and 'I am separate/different from those around me'.

This way of viewing life and our relationship to it is problematic, because it is one of the leading causes of why we continue perpetuating abuse in this world, instead of stopping, standing up and taking corrective action as a whole. We don't see ourselves as part of the whole. Thus, we instead abdicate our self-responsibility to act to change ourselves and the way in which we participate in this world. Despite ALL of the research we have now which shows that this is a participatory universe in which everything WE do in it is changing in. We have the idea 'the butterfly flapping in Brazil will affect the whole world'. All of these ideas of inter-connectivity and of our interior role in co-creating with other species. We need to stop viewing reality through the illusion of separation our eyes' vision show us. Reality isn't an IT, another person isn't separate from you, the animals suffering in experiments to support your make-up of separation aren't separate from you, their suffering isn't separate from you, instead reality is a relationship between the parts. Everything that exists in this world, exists because of the relationships we have allowed to happen. We are a PART of the WHOLE relationship. We need to realize this. We are not alone, we are all-one, and currently the way we allow ourselves to behave within this all-one relationship and inter-connectedness is coming from a starting point of existing as 'I am alone', 'What I do has no effect on the people starving in Africa', 'The world's problems are not my fault and not my responsibility'.

So SELF is the solution first and foremost. One need to start and take a look at one's beliefs/perceptions/ideas/judgments and investigate the whole make-up of oneself, investigate each and every single layer of the mask of separation this make-up has created, and then direct self to deconstruct these layers of illusion and separation. This is where Desteni comes in - a self-support platform designed to assist one to see through these veils and to correct and align oneself to oneness and equality. In terms of the world change part, changing our world system creations of destruction and abuse which support the cult of self and the exploitation of life to life support systems which support that which is best for all - this is where Equal Money Capitalism comes in.
The foundation of Equal Money Capitalism is that, all life is created equally; and as such, All are entitled to an equal opportunity to live a dignified life. This is truly the answer we have been waiting for, but yet we still allow the brainwashing of the Cult of Self override what is best for all. So I implore you dear reader hereof, take a moment to investigate these solutions of Desteni and EMC and start your journey with us towards establishing a self that is best for all within the relationship with ALL in and of this world, as well as establishing a world that is best for all in all-ways.

The Reward

A fear-free human living in a fear-free world. This may sound far-fetched considering the current status of all things, however this is not impossible and this is the reward each will have within Equal Money Capitalism. A world where all have their basic needs taken care of minus all of the abuse which is currently being allowed in order for only a few to be able to afford it. A world wherein all life is supported and one and equal. A world wherein humans no longer live in isolation from one another in fear, but instead embrace one another as equals. The message of Jesus made practical as 'love thy neighbour as thyself'. A world where you do not have to fear for your children's future, because their future is looked after through everyone living within the principles of equality, and wherein EMC will ensure that no child will ever be depraved of their rights to live a fear-free, dignified and happy life.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Cult of Self is Destroying Life

This is a continuation of Day 118 - The Cult of Self - The Problem, if you haven't read it yet, I suggest to do so before reading this blog post.
Here continuing with The Problem part of my previous blog post by drawing from the documentary/speech I watched by Christ Hedges titles ‘How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy’.

So within the Cult of Self, we believe we have a right to get whatever it is that we desire. We can do anything, even belittle and destroy those around us to make money and to be happy. We have become a completely pacified consumer culture and within this we do not care how our pacifiers (the banks and corporations) go about getting us what we want. I mean, if we are able to get extended credit or are able to obtain cheap manufactured goods, we believe that ALL is OK in the world, because our 'needs' are being taken care of. What a GRAND illusion. The point which no one wants to acknowledge is the fact that the illusions offered by our consumer culture are vanishing as we head towards collapse. How long do you think we can continue on like this? Consider one of the CORE points which keeps this consumer culture going, which is the oil the earth is being bled for. How long until this runs out and we are forced back to the dark ages? And here many are SO consumed by their self-interest that the thoughts such as 'Well that won't happen while I am still alive' are ACTually used as justifications to continue in the path of mass destruction we are on at the moment. Never mind the enormous amount of suffering that trillions of beings (including the animal and plant kingdom) are being subjected to all for the sake of your so-called 'right to happiness'. This happiness is one of the greatest illusions we have tricked ourselves into believing and to furthermore live by. The fact if the matter is that none are free until all are free, and furthermore on the point of personal happiness - how can you place your own personal happiness above the happiness of all the other life forms whom you equally share this world with? Your happiness is not true happiness because it only manifests at the expense of other's lives!

As Chris also mentions within his speech "The belief that democracy lies in the choice between competing brands and the accumulation of vast sums of personal wealth at the expense of others has been exposed as a fraud. Freedom can no longer be conflated with the free market. The travails of the poor are rapidly becoming the travails of the middle-class, especially as unemployment insurance runs out and class warfare once buried under the happy illusion that we're all going to enter an age of prosperity with unfettered capitalism is returning with a vengeance".

Here he was referring specifically to America, however the same is true for everywhere else in this world. The cost of the great illusion of the consumer culture we have become as well as the Cult of Self we perpetuate through this, is not being paid for by corporate titans - it is being paid for by the lands we exploit in order to maintain the our illusions and it is being paid for by those who reside on the lands who are forced to work for less than a dollar a day in the factories of the corporations who have taken the resources of their land. The resources of this world which are provided for by mother earth for ALL to share equally. Yet we allow and support our current systems to continue forcing inequality. Human beings, animals and nature are not commodities, their misery is not morally excusable because of the demands of the market. Yet we have reduced them goods and we use and abuse them for our own personal gain and we don't care what happens to them as long as our illusions are allowed to continue being served by the these world systems of abuse. Furthermore, we claim 'innocence' by stating that we are not aware of what goes on within this world and the processes that have to follow for us to be able to live our lives within safety and comfortability. Despite the fact that everyone knows that a corporate media controls nearly everything we read, watch or hear. WE ARE THE ONES allowing ourselves to be duped and our attention to be diverted with trivia and celebrity gossip. There really is no excuse which is valid in justifying the abuse we accept and allow in the name our personal self-interest.

Within his speech, Chris Hedges speaks mainly of America and the atrocities which have been allowed within and by America, however as I have mentioned, the same can be said for the rest of the world. One has to investigate all things and keep that which is good. And when one investigates our world economic systems one will see that there is NO good that comes from them. So I invite you to investigate this documentary/speech by Chris Hedges and also watch documentaries about what is really being accepted and allowed within our world.

In my next blog I will present the Solution and Reward part of the 'The Cult of Self' which we have allowed ourselves to be consumed by while at the same time letting everything else of and within this world to go to shit without any amount of shame for our part is in all.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Cult of Self - The Problem

The Problem 
I recently watched a speech done by Chris Hedges titled ‘How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy’.
I enjoyed the way in which he ‘said it like it is’ on a variety of subjects he touched on within this speech. Obviously there is no real solution presented within this speech, however I would here like to further discuss a few points he highlights which are of great importance as they accurately depict our current world systems and how they o not serve our best interest but instead serve to separate us from the principles of equality and ‘give as you would like to receive’.
He makes reference to reality TV shows, such as ‘America’s next top model’ and others within the same category wherein people are praised for their ability to deceive and manipulate one another in order to get ahead and be the ultimate winner in these games. “Life these shows teach is a brutal world of unadulterated competition and a constant quest for notoriety and attention. Our self-exultation permits the humiliation of those who oppose us. Those who lose deserve to be erased. Those who fail, those who are deemed ugly, ignorant or poor are belittled and mocked.” And then I realized how within my own life I had also actively participated within all of these points mentioned. How I have been the one humiliated by others who felt threatened by me on some way or another. How I have humiliated others whom I felt threatened by. How I have feared to be seen as ugly, poor and have feared failure within this ‘game of life’. And then I realized the complete irony within this as I recalled moments when I watched ‘funny’ episodes of Idols, where they show the top 10 worst performances, how in these moments I stood in the shoes of being the one who DOES all of the things I fear being done unto. How I judge and laugh at and criticize and make fun of these beings who are expressing themselves on these shows. How, through having a TV show presenting me with this opportunity, I took it and allowed myself to become the living embodiment of all of the points I would not wish to have another do unto me. And it’s bizarre how we justify this behaviour through the mere fact of the TV show existing. ‘It exists and others participate in it, therefore it is socially acceptable’…Really?

The point is, is doesn’t stop there. What our televisions present in the form of aired shows is merely a representation of what we as human beings are willing to accept and allow. Within our world (encompassing all of the world systems we live within), we accept that it is OK for ourselves and for another to betray other part of our existence (humans, animals and the plant kingdom equally) and we give and are given praise (just like in these reality TV shows) for our our/one’s ability to betray one another for our own behest. Our world economic systems are a reflection of who we are and what we accept and allow.

Chris goes on to explains how the cult of self dominates our culture – “This cult has within it the classic traits of psychopaths, superficial charm, grandiosity and self-importance, a need for constant stimulation, a pension for lying, deception and manipulation, and the incapacity for remorse or guilt.” If you look at the current capitalist system, you will see that these are the ethics of capitalism in fact. These are the ethics promotes by corporations. “It is the celebration of image of substance”. What just popped up for me as an example, is the existence of these ‘baby beauty pageants’. When I first watched an episode of one of these reality TV shows, I was shocked to say the least. Shocked to see the abuse of children for the sake of fame and beauty. The clip I watched was where a mother and her team of stylists were preparing her toddler daughter for a show. The girl was crying from the chemicals of the spray tan being sprayed into her eyes. The same with all of the other processes which were involved to turn this little girl into the image representation of what we as society have labelled as ‘beautiful’. No consideration for the child at ALL. No consideration for the harm being done to the child’s body all for the sake of appearances and being the best.

This is just one minute example of what we accept as the living statement of ‘It is the celebration of image over substance’. The millions or animals that get murdered for their fur to make a fur coat which has been given a high value within our society. The millions of animals that are put through unimaginable trauma and pain within the vivisection industry all for the sake to test whether your face mask products will last longer than 12 hrs. or if they will have an adverse effect with your skin. What psychopaths we have become. Seriously!

Within my next blog I will opening up the points which were touched on within Chris Hedges speech as further sharing on ‘The Problem’ part of this blog.

What is the Solution? Could there be a solution which could end all of these atrocities which we have accepted and allowed for the sake of serving or own interest within a culture where self-interest and self-gain is given the highest value and which has been allowed to override life itself? Follow these writings to find out – if you CARE!


Monday, February 11, 2013

The Health Care Systems are Sick - How can we Heal it?

The Problem
A fundamental problem within our world today, is our current HealthCare Systems.
One of the major problems within it is the general lack of healthcare for those who do not possess enough money to obtain it. Even when considering the average 'middle class family', they are also being driven to a point of not being able to afford basic health care due to the current healthcare systems being based more on profit and loss instead of being based within the consideration and support of life.

I was reading a news article the other day which highlighted the fact that mortality rates within South Africa are rising due to half of the State's hospital posts being vacant. It also reported of children dying due to staff shortages caused by holiday leave.
Here we are looking at the dimension of education, where we have so many job vacancies within the nursing field, yet what is not being considered is that MOST of our country's population are poverty stricken and are not even able to ascertain where there meals for next week will come from.
The problems with healthcare stretch much further than this…

Currently healthcare goes hand in hand with money. If you have lots of money, then you can go to sleep at night knowing that if anything were to happen to you or those within your financial care, that you would be able to acquire the assistance and support of a doctor/surgeon etc. However, this is not the case for majority of beings on earth. If you don’t have money, then you simply cannot afford to have your needs taken care of in the unlikely event of something happening to you for which you would need the support and assistance of the current healthcare systems.

Healthcare should be a basic human and animal right, however this is NOT the case within our physical reality.

Let’s take a look at a FEW of the healthcare problems within our world today:
  • One billion people lack access to health care systems.
  • 36 million deaths each year are caused by noncommunicable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung diseases. This is almost two-thirds of the estimated 56 million deaths each year worldwide. (A quarter of these take place before the age of 60.)
  • Over 7.5 million children under the age of 5 die from malnutrition and mostly preventable diseases, each year.
  • In 2008, some 6.7 million people died of infectious diseases alone, far more than the number killed in the natural or man-made catastrophes that make headlines.
  • AIDS/HIV has spread rapidly. UNAIDS estimates for 2008 that there are roughly:
    • 33.4 million living with HIV
    • 2.7 million new infections of HIV
    • 2 million deaths from AIDS
  • Tuberculosis kills 1.7 million people each year, with 9.4 million new cases a year.
  • 1.6 million people still die from pneumococcal diseases every year. More than half of the victims are children. (The pneumococcus is a bacterium that causes serious infections like meningitis, pneumonia and sepsis. In developing countries, even half of those children who receive medical treatment will die. Every second surviving child will have some kind of disability.)
  • Malaria causes some 225 million acute illnesses and over 780,000 deaths, annually.
  • One billion people lack access to health care systems.
  • Over 7.5 million children under the age of 5 die from malnutrition and mostly preventable diseases, each year.
  • In the U.S. The cost of healthcare is the second leading cause of personal bankruptcy
  •  In the U.S the average family premiums now exceed the gross annual income of a fulltime minimum wage worker
Note that this lists merely a FEW of the current problems faced within healthcare today.

I was watching the documentary Health, Money and Fear, and here follows a transcription of a section in relation to 'The Marketing of Drugs':
In relation to the high costs of medication - 'they (drug companies) say "we have to charge these high prices to cover our research and development costs. If there were to be any kind of price regulation, that would stifle innovation and we wouldn't be able to bring you all the medical miracles that we are now bringing you". - None of that is true from beginning to end, except the part about 'the prices are high', that is indeed true.

If you look at  just the top drug companies in the U.S in 2005, their sales came to $222 Billion.
They spend $32 Billion of that on Research and Development, but look at what they spent on Marketing and Administration = $71 Billion.
Over twice as much as what they spent on R & D. And after these expenditures they even kept more in profits = $39 Billion.
Their profit margin was 16%.
So when they say, "but we have to cover our R & D", yes, but what you are really covering is your outrageous marketing expenditures and your obscene profits - that's what you're doing. And that's what all these high prices are covering'.

This is EXACTLY what is happening within the healthcare system today. Companies are driven by profit and greed and from this products are born which do not even serve to assist and support the people, but rather to increase the profit margins of these companies.

Read the following information also obtained from  Health, Money and Fear :
"When the FDA considers a drug for approval, it has to be found reasonably safe and effective. But effective compared with what? Now there is the loop hole! It doesn't have to be found more effective than other drugs already in the market to treat the same condition. It merely has to be more effective than a sugar pill, than a placebo. In the absence of any data whatsoever, what the drug companies do is to promote these new drugs as though they WERE better, and that's what you see on the direct to consumer ads and the marketing directed at physicians."

Why and how have we come to accept a world where companies and corporations are give the right to deceive us through marketing products in manipulative ways to only serve their own benefits? Products which are not what is best for all, but instead only serve the purpose of being a vehicle to funnel money as profit to these companies for their own self-interested benefit. There is a HUGE problem with our health care systems - They are sick, and it's time to stop perpetuating the problems by turning a blind-eye within false hope that 'the corporations/companies are doing what is best for the people'. Pharmaceutical companies are motivated by money and are thus only operating in a way that brings them the biggest possible profit. The evidence is here and it is clear that healthcare as a basic human right has been transformed into a money making scheme for those at the top, while at the same time doing the exact opposite of what it was supposed to, which is to provide equal healthcare for all.

"The healthcare system is a major regressive vehicle - it's making a lot of people very rich and a lot of people very poor. It's actually working to worsen the health of our population" - Health, Money and Fear

The Solution
Equal Money Capitalism is the Solution.
Why do I say this?

To start, within the Equal Money Capitalism system, money will be removed as the motivator within health care, and will no longer be the cause of limitations to the possibilities for research and development.

The current competition going on between pharmaceutical companies, which results in poor products being made and advertised as a lie to the public just to gain profit will no longer be a factor within Equal Money Capitalism. Also the point of the same/similar products being available to assist with one medical point. It's common sense that what is best for all is direct all research and development towards a solution/product which would serve as being the best for all to use in relation to a certain specific medical point. Within EMC, there will be one product, the best product for  every specific medical point which requires support within this field.

"Another fascinating point that is backwards in our Capitalistic System today is the philosophy that if each one acts in a way to satisfy their own self-interest, these self-interest acts will kind of balance each other out in a way that generates results that our beneficial to society as a whole. This is what economists refer to as 'the Invisible Hand". - Economist's Journey to Life

Clearly looking at the statement above, and considering ONLY the point of pharmaceutical companies competing - Reality shows us that this is NOT the case in fact. Rather, instead of benefitting society as a whole in a best for all way, such as proposed with Equal Money Capitalism, within our current world systems the exact opposite is manifested due to profit lusting self-interested principles which form the foundation of our current systems. This will be NO MORE within Equal Money Capitalism.

Within Equal Money Capitalism, everyone will have the same right to life as everyone holds equal value as life. In terms of health care, "everyone will have the same right to life" implies within this that everyone will have health care made equally available to them.

The Reward
Within Equal Money Capitalism, one will be birthed into a world where one’s life is secure in every way, and this includes Health Care which is a basic human right which will be restored to all practically within EMC.
If you have a child within or are a child born into Equal Money Capitalism, then you won't have to worry about your future for the future of your child as far as health care is concerned AS WELL AS any other points which currently cause one to live in fear and survival.
The best health care for your life, for your child's life and for every single body's life on earth, will be guaranteed, period.

For the first time, health care will actually be what it was suppose to be in the first place - a point which supports life in f-ACT.


Please vote on the EMC proposed Healthcare Goal HERE

HealthCare Goal:
"Equal Money Healthcare will track the Food Regimen, the Treatment Regimen, and the Diagnostic Regimen of Each Human to Enhance the Outcome of Optimum Living. This will Result in Real Science, producing a Healthy World focusing on Prevention as the Best Cure." -

Also read more about the how the HealthCare System should and will be within EMC on the Equal Money Wiki Page HERE

Follow Economist's Journey to Life to further educate yourself on the Equal Money Capitalism System

And JOIN US on the Equal Money Forum to start participating within this Solution we have ALL been waiting for. Let's not wait any longer than we have to - Let's ACT NOW!.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 - Another Animal Abuse Report

Whenever I enter a pet shop, I always take note of the living conditions of the bearded dragons. I have a bearded dragon myself, so I’m quite well versed with regards to what their requirements are in order to live a healthy life.

What I’ve noticed thus far is that every bearded dragon I have viewed in all of the pet shops I’ve gone into is that the bearded dragons look completely sick. They don’t have uvb lighting and rarely have I seen a basking spot light. They never have food in the enclosure (all the greens/veggies/fruit) and their water bowls are always empty, with some enclosures not even having a water bowl either.

As for the bearded dragons themselves – They always have some type of physical deformity and/or skin disease. Not surprising considering that they don’t have even their most basic needs met.

So each time I view situations like this, I make a point to take the shop owner to the enclosure in order to show him/her all of the points that are lacking. The response I get is always the same. They ask me, ‘how do YOU know the animal is suffering?’ Then I refer them to the physical condition of the beardies.

They never see the common sense of what the physical is showing them. Then I walk them back through the time line of events which have manifested the extremely poor physical condition of the beardies. Usually there are blatantly obvious signs of metabolic bone disease (MBD). This is a result of a lack of calcium as well as uvb rays which contain vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 assists with the absorption of calcium. So without a uvb light in the enclosure, the beardies are unable to absorb calcium. Then what the body does is it starts taking calcium from the bones. This results in horrific physical deformities which render the beardies unable to function as they should naturally be able to.

After explaining this to the owners, I am usually asked for my qualifications to prove and support what I am saying. Meaning, they don’t care about what I’m saying and will only be willing to listen if I provide some piece of paper with a qualification on it.

Here is the pure senselessness of what they are saying:
They are implying within their standing point that every person who has a bearded dragon would need to qualification to have them. A beardy is like any other pet. If you want a dog, you would obviously do your research to know what a dog requires to LIVE! I mean, it would be obvious abuse if you got a puppy and you left it in a small room with no food and water. And here I am again just speaking of the MOST BASIC needs. Another example – if you want a child, would you have a child without doing your research to see what a baby requires to live? Would you just do as you please while ignoring the responsibility you have taken on by having a baby? Would you not change the baby’s diapers for days because ‘you don’t feel like it’? Not give the baby the types of food it requires for its body to be able to function effectively? It’s unlikely that a human would put a human baby through such trauma and abuse. So then why do we as humans accept this being done unto animals? How have we come to separate ourselves so extensively from the physical reality by not considering other life forms and treating them with dignity? Do we seriously accept our current expression of living where we believe that as long as ‘we’ are OK that everything else can go to shit?

If you have an animal within your care then it is imperative that you do your research meticulously so that you are able to stand within the point of responsibility which you took on the moment you received the animal.

I mean pet shops shouldn’t even exist within the first place, and within an Equal Money System they won’t. However, for now they do, and the abuse that goes on within pet shops is all purely because of money. The owners could care less if the animals are suffering. As long as they are breathing and are able to be sold for profit – all is alright in the world (the owners’ internalized mind reality).

And the same goes for people who just buy animals off the spur of the moment. Many people don’t do their research regarding animals. I’ll use bearded dragons as an example again. People don’t realize the time it takes daily to provide for their creatures. They don’t even consider the life expectancies of the animals. So people just buy them and after a few months of actually doing the physical work which is required to meet all the needs of the animals, they project it into the future and realize that they are not willing to do this every single day of their lives for many more years to come. Then they sell the animals again, which means that they end up in the abusive pet shop industry again where they are abused for however long it takes for someone to come along and buy them again. There is no consideration for the animals at all within this whole process.

I think it would be great if the whole human race could be shrunk into tiny little beings and then be treated the exact same way in which we currently treat the animal kingdom. This way everyone would realize very fast that the way in which we exploit animals for profit is nothing less than BRUTAL ABUSE!

Then you have organizations such as the SPCA which are established in order to assist and support animals that are being abused. In one instance I contacted the SPCA to assist me with the abuse which I noticed. They told me that they would go and do an inspection of the pet shop to evaluate the abuse which I had reported, and then they would contact me to give me feedback. I have to date heard nothing from them and I have gone back to the same pet shop only to find the animals in the exact same conditions they were in prior to my report to the SPCA. So, even the organizations which exist to assist abused animals are not in any way an effective solution.

So what’s the solution to stopping human beings from abusing animals in this way and then being able to so easily get away with it by asserting their so called ‘free choice’ which in fact means the freedom to abuse? The solution lies within taking on the core point which has strings tied to it, which lead to all the individual points of abuse we see within our world today = MONEY! The common sense solution is the Equal Money System. The relationship with humans and animals will be one of the biggest changes within an Equal Money System.

Most of the knowledge that is available about animals comes from the observations of humans, and these observations are mostly focused on how humans can exploit animals for profit within an economical system of abuse. This will change extensively because animals will have equal rights to life under an Equal Money System.
Currently the human race requires undergoing a process of re-education, because the ways in which we have been taught to live and have come to accept as ‘normal’ are unjustifiable due to the abuse we place over the lives of other living beings. We require human to stand up and take responsibility for what we have allowed within this world by educating self to understand the ways in which the current systems of abuse operate and then to investigate with common sense and self-honesty to see if the current systems are supporting or abusing life. Then stand up for a sustainable solution such as the Equal Money System.

There is no quick fix for the problem of this world. The only way to change the way the world exists is to start with changing ourselves. This is where we suggest the Desteni I Process which is a course which assists and supports one through a process of self-change.

Let’s stop our callous/cruel/insensitive/abusive/unjustifiable ways of existing and together create a world where all live a dignified life.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 – Prohibit Diving-Horse Show Tanks with Equal Money!

In this June 25, 1993 file photo, a horse makes a plunge into a pool of water less than two meters deep on the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, N.J. The owner of Atlantic City’s Steel Pier says he’s dropping a plan to bring back the ‘legendary attraction’, which featured a horse and a rider plunging into a 3,50meter tank from a platform 12 meters in the air.

This is another example of how far human beings are willing to go in terms of abusing others all for the sake of entertainment (which = money). Forcing an animal to do this for entertainment and profit is completely savage and unjustifiable!

Let’s put an end to profit being the motive to brutalizing animals. The only workable solution is the EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM.

The Equal Money System will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions.

Research it. Get informed. Join this drive for life!

Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 - Tiener 'mislei' om seksslaaf te word’

'n titel in vandag se nuus lees ‘Tiener 'mislei' om seksslaaf te word’

‘n Tiener van Pretoria sê sy is deur ‘n dansmaatskappy mislei om ‘n seksslaaf in Istanboel, Turkye, te word.

Die meisie vertel, “Daar is aan ons gesê dat ons in talle opvoerings gaan dans en dat dit by hotelle sou wees waar ons op kontrakte van ses maande sou werk.”

Hoekom bestaan sulke misbruik binne ons wêreld?

Die rede is as gevolg van geld. Al die misbruik in ons wêreld is as gevolg van ons huidige geld stelsel. In ons wêreld werk almal net om te oorleef. Mense wat in armoede gebore is, sal natuurlik na misdaad toe draai om te oorleef, want hulle ken nie van beter nie. Vra jouself wat jy sou doen as jy in hul skoene was.

So seks slaverny bestaan omrede geld. Seks verkoop en dit is ‘n helse groot besigheid.

Jy sal nie in staat wees om hierdie probleem by die eindpunt reg te stel nie, want dit is maar net ‘n gevolg van iets heeltemal groter. Die werklike oorsaak van die probleme van hierdie wêreld is as gevolg van die ekonomiese stelsels van mishandeling, wat gedryf word deur self-belang.
So dit is wat regstelling benodig. En ons het die oplosing! DIE GELYKHEIDS GELD STELSEL!

(Klik op die foto's hierbo)

In hierdie onderhoud reeks bespreek ons die basiese struktuur van die Gelykheid Geld Stelsel deur die beantwoording van die vrae wat dikwels gevra word met betrekking tot die Gelykheid Geld Stelsel.

Soos jy deur die onderhoude gaan, sal jy verbaas wees met die eenvoudigheid van die Gelykheid Geld Stelsel , wat jou sal lei om die volgende vraag te vra ? ?Hoekom het ons nie voorheen al die Gelykheid Geld Stelsel toegepas nie??

Om die Gelykheid Geld Stelsel te ondersteun deur jou begrip daarvan asook die mense te ondersteun wat besig is om hierdie stelsel te manifesteer. Koop dan hierdie produk. Word ingelig en raak betrokke.

Laat ons opstaan vir die lewe en ‘n einde sit aan al die misbruik in ons wêreld sodat almal werklik vry is om 'n lewe van waardigheid te leef. Wnat onthou - niemand is vry tensy almal vry is.